🙏 Prayers & Blessings 🙏

Heavenly Father, I ask that you could please watch over my son and guide him through his struggles during this difficult time. Please watch over him and always shine your light upon him, along with the rest of our family. Let us all be safe and in good health. Please send your love and blessings to all my media friends and family as well! Keep them all in good health and spirits during this time of devastation. Thank you, Lord, for another day of this precious life. ~Amen

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Distressed Mess

The moment you realize that life will hurt more than your death. While existing, we’re forced to become acquainted with sadness. There’s no antibiotic for the ridding of distress, and no alleviation of these intervals of pain we must encounter. Behind our eyes, are all these things: our stories, our dreams, our deficiencies, and our scars. Today would leave a scar.

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Coronavirus Poetry

Civilization is bracing for a situation they’re facing. This ceaseless disease has impacted billions of men, women and children – in every nation, city and town under the sun, one by one.

It’s whirling through the atmosphere without a sound, circling around the hemispheres. The unforseen with no vaccine comes swarming in without a warning – ready to strike and sicken its victims internally. 

The only remedy to fight this enemy is go inside and stay away from everything! Do your best in this midst of distress until this infested mess comes to rest. Take advantage of this break from reality to spend quality time with loved ones and family. Find ways to entertain your brain and refrain yourself from going insane. The ideal place is called destination isolation, a safe location away from the whole population, the only vacation you’ll be taking and you won’t need an invitation. 

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Friday Night Reflection

As a kid I despised the rain, but today I love the beauty in the sound as it falls. I always had a fear of being alone, but today I need alone time for my own sanity. For several years, I would self-medicate to numb my emotions to prevent that real deal feel, but today I make myself feel everything. I used to start my day with an extra dose of painkillers, but today I start them with an extra dose of gratitude. I used to question God, asking why my life was terribly bad, but today I thank him for the lessons he gave me. I used to be broken soul, lost in a dark place, but I found my way back and my souls been mended ever since. I once seeked acceptance from toxic people, but I’ learned to accept myself and that’s all what mattered. I once defined myself as a worthless individual, but today I have self-worth and much to offer. I once thought I was doomed for a sad and lonely life, but I turned my life around and thought wrong. I no longer seek happiness from toxic people, places or things, because I found my happiness in myself. For someone who felt unloved, God blessed me with a son who shows me unconditional love and that’s all the love I need. A shift in my spiritual growth has changed my life completely. I removed a toxic substance, along with the people I thought were my friends, who were everything but friends and it generated a physical allergy to be lifted. It forgot how it felt to be at peace, but today peace is the very thing that gushes through my mind, body and soul. It’s a feeling of spiritual relief and far better than anything I’ve ever felt before.

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5 Fabulous Ways To Improve Your Life

What exactly is self-improvement? It is a process of inner change, adapting to a positive mindset, eliminating those bad habits and replacing them with better ones. Life can be difficult and there’s no two ways about it, so why make it any harder than it already is? It takes more effort to be miserable than it does to be content. We focus on things that are unnecessary or nonessential rather than focusing on what’s important.

1. Smile more, frown less.

Even though smiling uses more muscles, it is believed to take less effort than frowning. When we smile more and frown less, the relevant muscles are in better shape and when those muscles are in better shape, they require less energy (and effort) when used. Fact: Smiling not only offers a mood boost but helps our bodies release cortisol and endorphins that provide numerous health benefits by reducing stress, relieving pain and increasing endurance.

2. Get out and enjoy nature.

Oftentimes, we underestimate how essential the great outdoors can be on our overall health. By surrounding ourselves in nature, it not only relieves stress, but it does in fact, boost our memory and energy levels, making our minds more creative. Nature therapy increases engagement in physical activity and when we interact with nature, it help us recover from stress, anxiety, depression, anger and mental fatigue. It also heals and helps us feel better emotionally. The scenic outdoors also contributes to our physical well-being by reducing blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension.

3. Express gratitude.

When we allow our gratitude to kick into high gear, it improves our relationships with those around us, including ourselves. There’s no better feeling than having a grateful heart — in all things, big and small. Gratitude decreases stress, depression and helps us cope with adversity. This mental state strengthens with frequent use and practice.

4. Challenge yourself.

Challanging yourself is a good way to excercise your mind and strengthen your mental state. Discipline and focus is the key – take up a new activity and put it to the test. Whether it’s a game of chess or a hobby like cross stitching or even a secondary language. You’re never too old and it’s never too late to learn something new.

5. Take care of you!

Your well-being is important and it should be your number one priority, unless you’re a parent, like myself, then it’s number two, but however you view it, it’s essential that you take care of your health — physically, mentally and emotionally. Being aware of all aspects in your life is what creates balance and staying balanced is what allows you to play and win. Keep your mind and body active, excercise them both – work on a jigsaw puzzle, then work on going for a run on the treadmill or a leisurely walk around the block. Get to know yourself — the more you know yourself, the more you’ll be able to succeed in other areas of your life. Emotional awareness is the ability to recognize and make sense of your own emotions and those around you. It helps us to be aware of what we want and need, and initiating us to build healthy relationships.

These are just a few practical strategies that I’ve put into practice while working on my own self-improvement over the years. So far it’s been a beneficial experience for me, but I’m still evolving towards a better me as each day unfolds. Today I was laid off from my job due to the coronavirus pandemic until further notice. It is what it is and life happens, so while I’m quarantined in my home for who knows how long, this gives me an opportunity to write more frequently and practice until I can get my words where they need to be. To all of you who has taken the time to read my post, I want to thank you kindly, be safe out there wherever you are and God bless! 🙏⚘💙

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🌹Motivation Monday🌷

Surround yourself with positive people who believe in your dreams, encourage your ideas, support your ambitions and bring out the best in you. Distance yourself from negative people who try to lower your motivation and decrease your ambition. Create space for the positive by weeding out the negative.

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Monday Morning Reflection

What exactly are emotions? My good friend, Allison asked me this very question last evening during a phone conversation. I’ve known Allison since we were in 2nd grade and we’ve reached out to one another over the years and kept in touch. She’s a 42 year old mother with a set of twins, a boy and girl, age 11 and recently became a single mother after her husband of 13 years left her for another woman. This breakup occured last October and she’s been in a state of anguish ever since. Allison works two jobs to provide, and give her children the best life possible, but at the end of the day she hasn’t fully recovered from the heartache yet. I know that she’s been suffering immensely and I’m pretty confident when she asked me that question, it came from a heart that’s been shattered into pieces…and when I put it into my deepest thoughts, this is what I came up with.


Emotions are the very thing that makes us human. You can experience love, happiness, excitement, satisfaction, and relief. Every emotion considered good. But, what would you be if you didn’t feel pain, despair, fear, anger, or sadness? Unfortunately, you can’t have the good without the bad. There is no light without darkness. The trick is to balance them out evenly by choosing a mental strategy that best soothes you in all aspects of life and put it into practice, I’ve incorporated this method myself and I assure you that the bad things won’t seem so terrible anymore.

I know some things are easier said than done, but we were all created to be strong individuals. If your going through hell, don’t give up, because there is a light that awaits you – you have to keep pushing through and eventually you will find that ray of light peeking through the darkness you’ve been striving to get to for so long. Remember, light can’t shine without darkness.

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